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AppearancesModern Combat: Sandstorm
Rank(Possibly) Sergeant
Voice actorJeremiah Costello

Ryan was an allied soldier who appeared in Modern Combat: Sandstorm.


Heh, well, Operation Get Cooked In The Desert just don't have the same ring.

Ryan is portrayed as sarcastic and quick to make a jokes outside of combat, though he appears to be level-headed during actual fighting.

Modern Combat: SandstormEdit

Ryan is a part of the player's squad, and as such crosses paths with the player quite often. Ryan is first seen in the level Back in Business, standing next to Fox, holding his trademark Benelli M4. Along the course of the game, the player encounters Ryan many times, though like with all members of the squad, they usually split up again soon after. Ryan is the only squad member the player is never paired with.


During the mission Subterranean Blackout, Ryan is paired with Jones, while Dozer and the player go another way. This is the last time Ryan is seen, as Jones later radios that Ryan is killed.


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