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The S1 Custom is a is a relatively common shotgun that appears in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusEdit

S1 Custom
MC2-S1 Custom
Likely based onFranchi SPAS-12
/  \
/  \
Max. ammoRounds Total
Reloading1.5 seconds
Fire modePump-action
UnlockedRank 2

Campaign Edit

The S1 Custom is frequently seen wielded by various enemies in the campaign, though no allies are seen using it, Sgt. McCarthy is seen holding one in the beginning of To the Embassy. The S1 Custom makes for a solid backup weapon, should the player run out of ammunition for their chosen primary weapon, thanks to its long range (for a shotgun). The pump-action of the gun will also allow players to conserve ammunition.

Multiplayer Edit

Unlocked at level 2, it is the first shotgun available to the player, and the only pump-action shotgun in the game. The S1 Custom is generally looked down on by most players due to the slower pump-action mechanism it uses, but it is capable of holding its ground in practiced hands. The S1 Custom has the highest range of the two available shotguns, and with the +30% Shotguns Damage Skill, can be a formidable weapon. The pump-action also leads to high recoil, especially when aiming down the sights, though using the sights on shotguns is generally unneeded.

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