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The SLS-3 is a weapon in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added to the game in the Christmas Update of 2015.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

SLS‑3   AAR34   AMG 200   Maelstrom   Vosk 4   EER 15   ERG 10   Verr Power   SPEC‑38A    
TypeSelf-aiming weapon
RangeModerate (lock-on range is approx 30m)
AccuracyVery high
Magazine size39 rounds (42 extended)
Reloading1.5 seconds
Fire modeBurst-fire
ClassBounty Hunter

The SLS-3 is the Tier 1 weapon of the Bounty Hunter soldier class. It is a fairly unconventional firearm which fires guided bullets.

The SLS features a very large targeting reticule consisting of a large curve surrounding the center of the screen, and lacking a conventional crosshair. It fires in 3 round bursts and lacks a conventional aiming function.

When an oponent has entered the range of the targeting reticule, white tracer lines appear pointing toward the target's location. However, shots from the SLS-3 will only fire straight ahead until the tracer line has turned red, at which point the bullets will be guided to the target. Damage dealt is very high, and being hit with a full 3-round burst is often enough to kill an opponent (however, high-tier armors or abilities which increase a player's health cap, such as the Kemono armor can survive it).

The SLS can lock-onto up to 3 enemies at a time (indicated by the "Skulls" counter to the right of the targeting reticule), and will fire a single 3-round burst for each target locked-onto.

Some players find this "aim assist" function to be overpowered - however as mentioned, an opponent must remain within targeting range long enough for the tracer lines to turn red, or else the player will be forced to hip-fire without the aid of a crosshair. This makes the SLS-3 more ideal for sneak attacks or close-rang engagements in the style of the Recon class; engaging targets mid-range and beyond without a lock-on is not recommended.

  • Very high damage per bullet
  • Impressive time-to-kill
  • Good mobility and clip size
  • Auto-targeting feature allows the player to spot opponents before they spot them
  • Effective at close-range combat if a player masters aiming without a lock-on
  • No armor penetration
  • 3-round burst prevents strafing
  • Lacks a crosshair to assist with aiming while hip-firing
  • Opponents have to stay within crosshairs for several seconds before bullet guidance kicks in
  • Unable to lock-on to targets beyond mid-range

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