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The AAI Special Ops Combat Assault Rifle - Standard A1 is an assault rifle that appears in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

SOCAR‑S A1   VECT9   UFIA PSD‑2   KR‑200   Charbtek‑28   Compakt‑665    
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onCZ-805 BREN
UsersSaunders Global Security
Phantom Unit
ManufacturerAyotte Arms Industries
DamageSOCARS A1 Damage
45-19 (Standard magazine)
50-20 (Recoil Booster)
Rate of fireSOCARS A1 Rate of Fire
490 RPM~
RangeSOCARS A1 Range
58 m
AccuracySOCARS A1 Accuracy
HandlingSOCARS A1 Handling
MobilitySOCARS A1 Mobility
Magazine size20
30 (Extended)
Starting ammo200
Max. ammo620
Ammo received via pickup60
Reloading1.8 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
MC4-SOCAR-S A1-hud
The Special Ops Combat Assault Rifle System from AAC is a modern multi-caliber assault rifle with excellent accuracy. This standard issue is geared towards mid to long range encounters.

Campaign Edit

Appears in Used by
Red Summit SGS
Threatcon Delta SGS
Manhunt Phantom Unit

The SOCAR-S A1 is first seen in Red Summit, being used by the enemy force, the SGS Militia.  

Multiplayer Edit

Available in the Armoury in one of the default classes, along with the Schoc 33, the SOCAR-S A1 is a very versatile weapon thanks to its decent handling, its high damage up close, its reasonable damage far away, good range, decent iron sights, moderate rate of fire, and very low recoil. This high damage profile up close, combined with the decent rate of fire, means that the SOCAR-S A1 is a fairly effective weapon up close. The combination of low recoil, good range, easy-to-use iron sights, and decent damage far away means that the SOCAR S-A1 is also very effective from mid-long range. This impressive potential both up close and far away makes the SOCAR-S A1 above average in all combat situations. Combined with the Recoil Booster, the close-range damage is increased to 50, which means that the weapon can down enemies in two shots up close, and at long range, the damage is increased by one point from 19 to 20, which makes it possible to down enemies in 5 shots at range.

However, there are a few downsides with this weapon, however, they are few and far between, and can easily be remedied. The most notable of which, is the fact that the SOCAR only receives a tiny 20-round magazine by default. While the VECT9 shares this trait, the SOCAR's higher rate of fire will chew through its ammo much faster than the VECT9. Also, despite the weapon having moderate damage up close, the SOCAR is not particularly suited to close-range gunfights, thanks to its lower rate of fire than both the Charbtek-28 or the Compakt-665. However, it is more effective than the slower-firing and weaker UFIA PSD-2 up close.

Overall, the SOCAR-S A1 is a very versatile weapon, being above average at both close, mid, and long range. Its versatility is unrivalled within the assault rifle class, and its many attachment options means that setting up this weapon for an assault, support, marksman, or stealth role is very easy indeed, making it one of the most flexible weapons in the game. Because of these upsides, many professional players still use this weapon despite it being a default weapon.

Recommendations Edit

  • If you prefer to snipe, use the CTS scope with armor-piercing rounds. Extended magazine with cripple abilities are effective as well, distorting enemy sniper's vision and mobility. A recoil booster is recommended for maximum range and damage.
  • For increased handling, use the TAC2 grip and the skeleton stock with the sound suppressor to remove most muzzle flash and for the helpful stealth advantage.
  • High damage when paired with Recoil Booster
  • Good range
  • Great accuracy
  • Very quiet reload noise
  • Versatility combined with killing power

Attachments Edit

Muzzles Edit

Name Price
Recoil Booster MC4 Cost 6,000
Flash Suppressor MC4 Cost 5,500
Flash Moderator MC4 Cost 4,500
Standard Muzzle Default
Tactical Muzzle Brake MC4 Cost 5,000
Sound Suppressor MC4 Cost 6,000

Grips Edit

Name Price
Ergonomic MC4 Cost 5,000
TAC2 MC4 Cost 5,500
Vertical MC4 Cost 5,500

Clips Edit

Name Price
Standard magazine Default
Compact magazine MC4 Cost 3,500
Armor-Piercing rounds MC4 Cost 7,500
Screecher rounds MC4 Cost 8,000
Extended magazine MC4 Cost 5,500

Sights Edit

Name Price
Iron sights Default
High-MOA RDS MC4 Cost 8,000
Holographic MC4 Cost 7,500
Tactical Holo MC4 Cost 8,500
CTS MC4 Cost 6,000

Stocks Edit

Name Price
Compact MC4 Cost 4,500
Skeleton MC4 Cost 4,500
Carbon Default
Composite MC4 Cost ?
EAS MC4 Cost 6,000

Trivia Edit

  • This rifle was originally called the SOCARS-S A1.
  • The reload sound is significantly quieter than other of the more popular assault rifles. 
  • This weapon makes the most out of the recoil booster in short range damage terms.
  • The cartridge in the magazine are in 2D.

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