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The SODAW-74 is a light machine gun added to Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the Spring Update.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

SODAW‑74   RSR 45   AX‑100 II   Stainen 56   QKR‑89   Shred‑4   Hauzzer 45   OR‑HE   R.C.F.‑08    
TypeLight Machine Gun
Likely based onMK 48 Mod 0
DamageLow - Medium
AccuracyVery Low
MobilityVery Low (Moderate with Endurance Skill fully upgraded)
Magazine size200
Starting ammo400
Max. ammo420

The SODAW-74 is the Tier 1 weapon of the Support class. It has one of the largest magazines in the game, at 200 rounds. However, because its very slow reload, reloading should only be done in safe areas. It is best used at medium range, and is excellent for supressive fire due to its huge magazine allowing a very long period of sustained fire.

The SODAW-74 is best used, when dealing with groups of enemies at a distance, as the unrivaled 200 round belt-fed clip will enable the player disperse a continuous stream of bullets to without having to worry about reloading. Compared to other LMGs, however, the SODOW-74 possesses below-average damage and mediocre accuracy. Like other Tier 1 weapons, it also lacks armor penetration, making it much more ineffective against opponents wearing high-tier armor (such as the Oni or Kemono armor).

  • Very large clip size
  • Fairly low damage
  • No armor penetration
  • Very low base accuracy

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