The SPEC-38A is the T9 Prestige weapon of the Bounty Hunter class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout, added in Update XVI.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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TypeEnergy weapon
DamageVery High
Rate of fireModerate
AccuracyVery High (projectiles have "travel-time" and do not instantly hit target within crosshairs after firing)
ClassBounty Hunter
TierT9 Prestige SMART Weapon
In another improvement on previous technologies, the Bounty Hunter now has access to an incredibly destructive and unpredictable quantum beam weapon. Its SMART technology allows for a very high rate of fire.
—Official weapon description

The SPEC-38A is an experimental energy weapon comparable in function to the ERG 10, but with better armor penetration, fire rate, and a larger magazine size. The weapon fires bolts of energy with very high damage (capable of a 1-shot kill to the torso even against armored opponents), accuracy, and maximum armor penetration. Compared to conventional sniper rifles, it possesses much better accuracy when hip-firing and is more viable against close-range engagements. One disadvantage, however, is the limited zoom of its built-in scope, and inability to attach other scopes. There is a slight delay between firing and the projectile hitting the target, making the SPEC-38A function better as a suppression weapon than as a typical sniper rifle.

The unique mechanic of the weapon allows its bolts of energy to ricochet off of walls, allowing them to potentially damage enemies around corners like the bullets of the Dread Eye. (However, the ricochet direction of the SPEC-38s energy bolts is much more visible). In addition, unlike the ERG 10, the SPEC-38A's energy bolts can pierce through the bodies of struck enemies, potentially allowing for multiple targets to be hit with a single bolt if lined up correctly.

  • Very high damage
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • High accuracy
  • Nonexistent recoil
  • No accuracy penalty while hip-firing
  • Higher rate of fire than ERG 10
  • Energy bolts can penetrate multiple targets at once
  • SMART ricochet mechanic
  • Unable to equip scopes other than the default
  • Low scope zoom (approx. 2X)
  • Lower mobility than the ERG 10
  • Delay between firing and projectile hitting the target

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