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The Sapper is a solider class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was released in the Summer Update of 2016, closely coordinated with the 4th of July Holiday Weekend.

Sappers, also called combat engineers, are combatants skilled in engineering duties... Keeping in step with the modern times, they have developed a particular liking for the use of combat drones and other semi automatic battle systems such as turrets
—-In game info

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Concept art

Concept art of Sapper's Vulcan armor

The Sapper is a offensive class with a unique secondary arsenal of turrets and drones which can be deployed on battlefield for offensive measures. The Sapper's primary arsenal consists of short-barrel rifles, which tend to fall in between submachine guns and assault rifles in terms of performance, as well as a few more unique weapons such as lock-on rifles, and deployable machine guns. Sappers also have access to very large ammo reserves for their weapons, as many as 800 or more rounds in reserve.

The Sapper's primary weapons generally tend to have low recoil and high rate of fire, but significant damage drop-off at longer ranges, and slow reload times, making them generally suited for close-mid range combat. The Sapper's mobility is also generally low, and as it utilizes turrets as its secondary weapon instead of pistols, it cannot switch to a pistol to improve mobility.

When playing as the Sapper, the best strategy is generally to bunker down in secure areas and avoid engaging too many foes at a time (relying on its turrets for additional fire support when possible); as its long reload times and lack of a sidearm can prove fatal if a player runs out of ammo in the middle of a firefirght. Its low mobility and mediocre weapon performance at long ranges also make it vulnerable to faster opponents if the player charges the enemy out into wide open spaces, making it more advantageous to stick to stick to tighter or indoor quarters.

In order for Sappers to deploy their turrets on the map, they expend Units which can be accumulated by collecting dropped weapons of enemies (of which a max of 100 Units can be stored in reserve); picking up a dropped weapon adds 15 Units, and with the required Skills purchased, players are automatically granted Units upon respawning after death. The Unit cost to deploy a turret varies based on the type of turret, and either 1 or 2 turrets can be deployed on the map at a time depending on the type.

With the required Skills, Sappers can also repair damaged turrets, or Evolve their turrets to increase their power for a Unit cost (evolved turrets are designated by a red glow).

The Sapper is a fairly popular class in online gameplay, however popularity decreased somewhat after Update XVI (with the release of the SMART weapons, particularly the Grinder). It could originally be bought for 1200 credits, however its price has since been dropped to 300 credits.

While the sapper is a more offensive class than a defensive class it's reverse class is kommander more defensive than offensive the sapper is about 75% offensive and about 25% defensive.

  • Can deploy unique arsenal of turrets and drones for fire support
  • Better bullet and explosive protection
  • Short-barrel rifles have solid rate of fire and accuracy, and are generally effective at close-mid range
  • Frostblast Skill allows player to throw Cryo-Cluster grenades
  • Synergy Skill improves the explosive protection of teammates
  • Fairly low mobility
  • Lacks a sidearm
  • Potentially outgunned at longer ranges by the Assault and Sniper classes
  • Potentially outmaneuvered and outgunned at close ranges by the Heavy and Recon class

Primary Weapons[]

Seccondary Weapons[]


Tier Name Rank 1 Rank 2
1 Tinkerer Allows you to repair your turrets Allows you to enhance your turrets
2 Scrounger Each spawn the player the player is granted 35 units Spawn Units is increased to 50
3 Frostblast Throws a Cryo-Cluster that slows down enemies and applies a frostblast DoT effect. Damage overtime is 7% of current HP. Inflicted every second for a total of five seconds. None
4 Up-Grader Increases the rate of fire and damage of your turrets by 10% if your within 10m of one. Increases the rate of fire and damage of your turrets by 15% if your within 15m of one
5 Fortification Increases armor resistance to explosions by 10 Increases armor resistance to explosions by 10
6 Combined Arms If the player is within 20m of the turret, the turret will engage the same target as the player Turret range is increased by 10 meters when engaging a user-designated target
7 Frostblast Upgrade Frostblast DoT damage is increased to 10% of current HP per seccond for a total of five secconds, and target'smovement is slowed by 35 None
8 Synergy Sapper Increases your teammates' protection against explosive damage by 5, within an Area of Effect of 15m None


  • The Sapper's Vulcan Armor bears a resemblance to the Reaper specialist in Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.

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