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Page's Insurrection

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}} Saunders Global Security (SGS) is a private military contactor and the main enemy faction in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. They aid Edward Page in his global terrorist attacks along with their leader, Everett Saunders.

Background[edit | edit source]

Saunders Global Security is an international private military company. There are soldiers from all origins, such as Americans, Europeans and Africans.

Little is known about SGS's activity before Modern Combat 4, but they have apparently helped KPR troops cross the Mexican border and have taken over the Russian drone fleet in Moldova and attacked Moscow and other major cities as mentioned in the first cutscene in the mission Unified Terror.

Known members[edit | edit source]

  • Everett Saunders - Founder and leader of the SGS. Presumed KIA during the mission Terminus, but was saying at the end of the campaign that the world will soon know "the true meaning of terror".
  • Edward Page - Page used the SGS as his fore front for kidnapping the president, it was discovered in Terminus that many of the SGS soldiers were just Unified Citizen soldiers disguised.

Arsenal[edit | edit source]

The SGS are heavily armed. They possess most of the weapons found in the campaign and have one known military base, located in South Africa.

Assault rifles[edit | edit source]

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

Sniper rifles[edit | edit source]

Handguns[edit | edit source]

Submachine guns[edit | edit source]

Launchers[edit | edit source]

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

SGS soldiers typically wear advanced combat suits similiar to those of the US army. They also wear more civilian-like clothes during the campaign in Barcelona giving them a look similiar to a militia.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour[edit | edit source]

Phantom Unit   Unified Citizens   SGS   AFTER    

US forces trying to break the SGS's defensive position during Red Summit

SGS first appears in the first mission, Red Summit. They were hired for security of the C3 conference in Hawaii, but once it began, kidnapped the US President Burke. Before this crisis, they launched a heavy terrorist strike in Seattle, by helping Page and Saunders detonate explosives in the WCI building. After the explosives went out, the building was heavily damaged and destroyed nearby buildings as well. They soon began fighting AFTER members which whom one of them was Anderson. They showed heavy resistence even taking AFTER hostages in the ruined police station. Even though their large numbers and heavy weaponry, AFTER were able to push them to a tunnel and even interrogated one of it's members. They eventually retreated from Seattle.

In 42 hours, they invaded the C3 conference with the help of Edward Page, managed to kidnap President Burke. The US army inflicted heavy casualties on the SGS but still, they couldn't save the president due to Page using him as a human shield. They jammed the local radio signals and successfully left the battlefield.

SGS soldier attacking Blake in Barcelona

Soon after Burke's kidnapping, the SGS, along with Saunders, invaded Barcelona's city hall, probably with the intention of taking control of it's drone fleet. A city-wide evacuation was ordered by the Spanish authorities with Phantom unit arriving at the scene to locate and capture Saunders. Heavy fighting between the SGS and Phantom unit commenced through the city, and eventually the unit managed to track Saunders at the city hall. However, Saunders escaped and a massive chase through the city began, with Phantom unit pinning Saunders at the Barcelona train station. Saunders was then thrown off a stairway by Joel Blake, assuming he was dead the unit left Barcelona and headed towards the SGS base in South Africa.

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After receiving intel about the president whereabouts, the US launched an operation to attack the SGS headquarters in South Africa. Page was also confirmed to be there. Once the base's air defenses were destroyed, soldiers swarmed the base from all sides, cornering the SGS. Despite the US's best efforts, they still sustained heavy casualties with Phantom unit being their last hope to find the President. As soon as Blake entered the facility solo, he saw Page's speech through a monitor, and how he shot the president. Despite this, Phantom unit was successful in rescuing the president and occupying the base. What happens to the SGS headquarters is not known.

Their fate after Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour is unknown. They most likely merged with Gilman Security hence he is the leader of it.

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