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The Schoc 33 (Schoc Weapon Industries of The Netherlands, series 33) is a handgun that appears in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Schoc 33   Black Mamba   Viny Pro    
Schoc 33
MC4-Schoc 33
Likely based onGlock 18
UsersUnited States Army
Saunders Global Security
DamageSCHOC 33 Damage 20-15~(Multiplayer)
70 (Campaign)
Rate of fireSCHOC 33 Rate of Fire 600 RPM (per burst)
RangeSCHOC 33 Range 50m
AccuracySCHOC 33 Accuracy Medium
HandlingSCHOC 33 Handling Very high
Magazine size18 (Standard mag)
33 (Extended mags)
Starting ammo118 total
Reloading1.1 seconds
Fire mode3 round burst
MC4-Schoc 33-hud
Schoc Industries continue to innovate in handgun technology with their highly customizable model 33BF, featuring an efficient burst fire mode.

Campaign Edit

Appears in Used by
Red Summit Phantom Unit
Manhunt Phantom Unit

The Schoc 33 is relatively uncommon in the campaign. It first appears in the first mission Red Summit, as the sidearm of Blake and the Phantom Unit. It also is the weapon that enemy forces use when they are on the ground, crawling.

Multiplayer Edit

The Schoc is the default secondary weapon in Online Mulitplayer mode. It may have much, much lower damage compared to the other pistol, the Black Mamba, and it lacks the fully-automatic fire of the Viny Pro, but it compensates with a fire rate per burst ten times that of the Black Mamba and a slightly higher rate of fire per burst than the Viny Pro. JHP rounds are highly recommended as this will reduce the possible bursts down to 1 if one bullet is a headshot, or at point blank range, providing that all your bullets connect. This attachment will reduce the maximum range of the Schoc by 40%, taking the maximum range down to 30m, but seeing as this handgun is worthless at longer ranges, the drop in maximum range is negligible. The Schoc also benefits from a much faster reload than the Black Mamba, and optic attachments can be used on the Schoc, where this is not possible with the Mamba. The Schoc is relatively uncommon online as a sidearm as the Viny Pro and OPS65 are much more powerful and easier to use, and they also have a cheap price, and are similarly agile.

New players that are familiar with MC4's movement mechanics will use this weapon when trying to traverse longer distances.

  • Top-tier fire rate per burst
  • Fast reload
  • High mobility
  • Exceptionally low damage without JHP rounds
  • High visual recoil per burst

Attachments Edit

The Compact RDS is exclusive to this gun. It's the same sight as the Red Dot Sight, but with another fixing method.

Trivia Edit

  • When you cancel the reloading by pressing the sprint putton, you will still hear the magazine click.
  • This gun was originally called 'Schok 21'.
  • '33' most likely refers to the maximum magazine size of the Glock 17, the original pistol.
  • Its real life predecessor, the Glock 18, fires fully automatically, and the iron sights aren't triangular unlike the Schoc 33.
  • The iron sights glow bright blue in darkly lit areas. 
  • According to the gun mesh, the Schoc fires the 9x19 parabellum cartridge, and made in the Netherlands.
  • This is the weapon that enemies in the single-player campaign use when they are on the ground, crawling. However, when they are killed, they don't drop the Schoc.
  • Enemies on the ground with the Schoc fire it as if it were semi-automatic.

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