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The Seeker is the T8 Prestige secondary weapon of the Sapper class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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Flying drone equipped with a self-destruct mechanism that triggers when near an enemy. The drone also highlights nearby enemies.
DamageExtremely High
RangeLock-on range is approx 30m
AccuracyVery High
EffectLocks onto opponent and detonates after making contact with opponent's body (drone light changes from green to red after locking on). Follows target indefinitely until destroyed or until target is dead or out of range. (Will return to following player if it has no target to lock-on to).
TierT8 Prestige
Cost40 Units

Technically not a "turret", the Seeker is a deployable flying drone (with a similar appearance to that of the Scout Drone).

When deployed, the Seeker will will follow the player or the closest teammate. Once an enemy enters its range it will lock on to the enemy (which is indicated by the drone's light changing from green to red). Once locked on, the Seeker will home in on its target and explode upon contact with the enemy, dealing massive damage (typically capable of killing an enemy in 1-2 hits), as well as producing explosive "splash" damage within a small radius. Like other Prestige weapons, the Seeker also has maximum armor penetration.

After following an enemy for a brief time, the Seeker is also capable of highlighting the enemy's position on the battlefield (in the same manner as that of the Scout Drone or the Sniper's Evil Eye Armor Core). 2 Seekers can be deployed at a time. It should be noted that any deployed Seekers will disappear from the map upon the player's death.

The Seeker's small size also makes it difficult for players to spot and destroy, however, the Seeker makes a distinct "humming" sound which can alert a player of its presence. The Seeker is particularly useful for dealing with enemies around corners or in enclosed or indoor areas, as well as giving players advance warning of nearby enemies. Chaff grenades are a recommended counter to the Seeker.

  • Very high damage
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • Deals explosive "splash" damage within a small radius
  • Follows player and teammates
  • Locks onto-nearby enemies and highlights their positions
  • Small size makes it difficult to detect and destroy
  • Player movement is not inhibited when deploying the Seeker
  • Fairly low deployment cost
  • 2 Seekers can be deployed at once

  • Self-destructs upon impact with target
  • Disappears when player is killed
  • Makes humming noise which can give its presence away.
  • Takes time to catch up to player when player is moving

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