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The Shotgun Turret is the Tier 7 secondary weapon of the Sapper class, requiring 20 blueprints to assemble.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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Shotgun Turret
MC5-Shotgun Turret
DamageVery High
Rate of fireModerate
RangeNo damage drop-off (lock-on range is approx 20-30m)
AccuracyVery High
Cost70 Units
MC5-Shotgun Turret-hud

The Shotgun turret features a very high damage rating combined with a high rate of fire, leading to the highest-overall damage output is the highest of all turrets in close quarters. It is one of the only turrets with a good chance of winning a head-on encounter with an opponent by itself. 2 shotgun turrets can be placed on the map at once (though deployment cost is high), and, like the Stun turret, they can also be placed on walls or low-hanging ceilings. The Shotgun turret has at least one major downside, which is its very low range - the lowest of any turret, as well as its shot spread. The Shotgun turret is also unable to be evolved.

Overall, the Shotgun turret is a candidate for one of the best best turrets in the game in smaller maps such as Streets or cramped indoor sections (where placing it on ceilings can be used to surprise enemies and score headshots). However, in larger maps like Scramble or open spaces, the Sniper turret or Rocket turret may potentially be more effective, while the Seeker may be much more invaluable as an offensive option for clearing opponents out of indoor areas and tight corridors.

  • Very high damage
  • Decent rate of fire
  • Fairly compact size
  • Can be deployed on the ceiling
  • 2 shotgun turrets can be deployed at once
  • Low effective range
  • Shot spreads out at longer ranges
  • High deployment cost (70 units)
  • Turret cannot be evolved
  • Cannot repair turret if deployed on the ceiling

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