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The Shoulder Gun is the Tier 6 secondary weapon of the Sapper class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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Shoulder Gun
MC5-Shoulder Gun
Rate of fireModerate
RangeNo damage drop-off (lock-on range is approximately 40m)
AccuracyVery High
EffectIs attached to player's body and automatically fires at any opponents within range of the player's position. (Shots from Shoulder Gun reveal player's position on the radar).
Cost7 Units per shot
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The Shoulder Gun is an automated turret attached to the clavicle of the player. Unlike other turrets, the Shoulder Gun does not have to be deployed (and cannot be destroyed; the player wielding the Shoulder Gun must simply be killed).

The Shoulder Gun automatically scans the area in the vicinity of the player and fires once it locks on to the nearest enemy; dealing solid damage per shot with precision accuracy, but with a fairly slow rate of fire. The Shoulder Gun can target any enemy positioned to the front or the sides of player, which also makes it useful for giving the player advance warning of nearby enemies outside of their immediate viewpoint - a drawback however, is, that shots from the Shoulder Gun reveal the player on the enemy radar, and the muzzle flash may also alert nearby enemies to the player's position position. Likewise, there is a delay between the turret firing the projectile and it hitting the target (similar to weapons such as the EER 15), potentially allowing shots to miss moving targets.

Overall, the Shoulder Gun is a useful option for players looking to increase their firepower and engage in a more offensive playstyle.

When the Shoulder Gun is equipped, any Units collected from dropped weapons are used as the its ammunition, with each shot from the Shoulder Gun using 7 Units.

  • Solid damage per shot
  • Decent rate of fire
  • Fairly silent when firing
  • Does not have to be deployed
  • Shots can alert the player of enemy positions in advance
  • Can benefit from Offensive Cores like Hair Trigger or High-Powered as well as the Master-At-Arms Core
  • Delay between firing and projectile hitting the target
  • Shots reveal player's position on enemy radar
  • High amount of muzzle flash can also alert enemies of the player's position


  • The Shoulder Gun appears to be a railgun or other type of energy weapon.
  • The Shoulder Gun is sometimes considered a "noob weapon" akin to the AAW-1, due to its lock-on mechanic and auto-fire
  • The Shoulder Gun was downgraded in several updates by Gameloft due to concerns of it being overpowered. In an Update XV nerf, the cost per shot of the weapon was increased from 5 Units to 10 Units, however this was reduced to 7 units in Update XVI.

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