The Sniper Turret is the Tier 4 secondary weapon of the Sapper class.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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Sniper Turret
MC5-Sniper Turret
Rate of fireVery Low
RangeNo damage drop-off (lock-on range is approx 70-80m)
AccuracyVery High
Cost40 Units
MC5-Sniper Turret-hud

The Sniper turret an automated sniper gun with a slow rate of fire comparable to bolt-action sniper rifles. One can be placed on the map at a time. It features the third highest damage rating of all turrets (behind the Rocket and Shotgun turrets), but with higher range than the aforementioned turrets (in fact, the highest range of all turrets), and a higher rate of fire than the Rocket Turret.

The Sniper turret is best suited for large, open areas (such as in maps like Scramble). However, the slow rate of fire and large size can make it very conspicuous and ineffective in cramped areas (such as the covered areas of maps such as Streets or Rooftops.

Overall, the Sniper Turret is arguably the best turret for mid-long range combat. However, the Shotgun Turret is much more effective at close range, while the Rocket turret or the Shoulder gun offer more versatility.

  • Highest range of all turrets
  • High damage-per-shot
  • Low rate of fire
  • Less effective in close-quarters than other turrets

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