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Modern Combat 5 - Spring Update Dev Diary

The Spring Update is the second update for Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was released March 18th, 2015.

The Spring Update made the game free to play. Players who bought the game are rewarded by the "Veteran Status", which means nothing about the game system will change, and they get a exclusive weapon camo. Players who get the game for free will have to recharge energy after having played some time. This can be done by waiting or watching videos.



The update added the Support class, which features six new weapons.

Every class got a new weapon. This T6 weapon has a special ability.

Class Weapon Ability
Assault KOG V Shooting while aiming yields increased damage compared to hip fire mode.
Recon FS80 High rate of fire for the first few bullets, which steadily decreases if the weapon is fired continuously.
Heavy VOID 6 Pulling the trigger immediately after a slug was fired forces the weapon to reload and shoot almost instantaneously.
Sniper IMP-S Fires exploding ammunition that deals considerable damage around the impact area.
Support Shred-4 Accuracy steadily increases as the weapon is fired continuously.
Class Weapon Ability
Pistol FHG 14 Double-tap the reload icon to reload faster. A bullet strike from this pistol makes the enemy visible on the map for the rest of the players.
Launcher LGR 35 Fires grenades that stick to almost any surface and detonate after a short period of time. They also detonate from enemy proximity or impact.


  • MFi controller support


This bundle became unavailable.

  • Along with this update, the Modern Combat Pack, which contained MC3 to MC5, was removed from the Apple App Store. This bundle would able users to get one game for free if they already bought the other two games in the bundle.