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The Stainen 56 is a weapon featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in the Spring Update.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

SODAW‑74   RSR 45   AX‑100 II   Stainen 56   QKR‑89   Shred‑4   Hauzzer 45   OR‑HE   R.C.F.‑08    
Stainen 56
TypeLight Machine Gun
Likely based onLSAT LMG
Rate of fireMedium
MobilityVery Low (Moderate with Endurance Skill fully upgraded)
Magazine size100 - 105 - 110
Starting ammo3 magazines

The Stainen is the 4th LMG to be unlocked by the Support class. It possesses a good rate of fire, high damage for its class, and tight hip fire (once equipped with better grips), giving it a solid time-to-kill among low-mid tier light machine guns. The weapon's reload, as with other belt-fed machine guns, is lengthy and should only be pulled off in safe areas.

  • Solid damage
  • Lower magazine size than some other LMGs

Trivia Edit

  • Following the weapons rebalancing in Update XVIII, the Stainen received a noticeable nerf to damage to put it more on-par with other LMGs in its tier (having previously stood out for having a notably high damage rating).

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