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> For the Skill in Fallen Nation, see Stealth (skill).

Stealth is a specialization introduced in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

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"You knew this mission wasn't going to be won by brute strength. Your feet hit the ground silently, landing a few feet behind your target. As you stealthily make your approach, the unsuspecting mercenary self-consciously adjusts his flak jacket.... and you can't help but grin from ear to ear.

He'll never know what hit him."

Excels in taking out targets without being seen. This is a good specialization for players who play defensively and avoid direct confrontation when possible. +50 XP and credits when performing headshot kills and melee kills.
Rank 10 Selection Skills
MC4-Opportunism Opportunism: Causes you to deal more damage against crippled, blind or stunned targets.
MC4-Sneak Sneak: Move and sprint silently.
Rank 20 Selection Skills
MC4-Grenade Belt Grenade Belt: Spawn with two grenades instead of just one.
MC4-Decoy Decoy: Deploys a device which is shown as a red dot on enemy radar. Can be destroyed.
Rank 30 Selection Skills
MC4-Readied Shot Readied Shot: Shooting from the crouched position further increases accuracy
MC4-Tactical Mask Tactical Mask: Negates chemical weapons such as stun and tear gas.
Rank 40 Selection Skills
MC4-Paragon Senses Paragon Senses: Receive an alert when an enemy aims in your direction.
MC4-Active Camouflage Active Camouflage: Sensors and Recon Aircraft cannot detect you. Advanced Recon will still detect you.

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  • In the website picture for the Stealth specialisation, the soldier is holding a KR600, however, the weapon never makes an appearance in the game. (See picture at top of article)

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