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The Sticky grenade is a type of grenade that sticks onto enemies, walls and other surfaces and explode. It appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Frag   Sticky   Incendiary   Throwing knife    
Sticky Grenade
MC3-Sticky Grenade
DamageMedium - high
Radius7 meters
EffectSticks to surfaces
UnlockedRank 14
CostMC3 Credit8,000

Sticky grenades in Modern Combat 3 are very uncommon online due to the low damage and underwhelming blast radius. However, it can be effective for finishing off wounded targets in tight situations, due to its speedier blast radius and particularly using them as "mines".

Glitch Edit

In multiplayer, there's a popular glitch where a player respawns after death and is blown up instantly by a sticky grenade. To perform the glitch, throw a sticky grenade at an enemy player's corpse before they respawn. Timing is important in this glitch. If the grenade explodes before the player respawns, the glitch won't work. After the enemy player respawns, the sticky will still be on the player and will blow up, killing the enemy player.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Frag   Sticky   Incendiary   Concussion   Throwing knife    
Sticky Bomb
MC4-Sticky Bomb
Radius7 meters
EffectSticks to surfaces
CostMC4 Cost 8,000
Sticks to walls and other surfaces.
—In-game description

The ST174 Sticky Bomb (Charlz Technik GMBH Anti-Tank ST174, Sticky Bomb in-game) is a sticky grenade manufactured by Chralz Technik. It triggers an explosion that kills or injures enemies. Originally designed to take out tanks and other armored vehicles, it proved somewhat useful in urban combat situations as well.

Experienced players can use this as a portable mine by throwing it to a wall and attract enemies to close in. However, as opposed to the MC3 version, the grenade has only 3 seconds before detonation. This grenade is incredibly powerful, and is very effective through walls as well, provided that the enemy is standing close enough to the wall. With Explosives Expert or Grenades Expert, the Sticky Bomb is quite possibly the deadliest ordnance in the game. The Sticky Bomb also can be stuck to enemies, meaning that if you spot a group of enemies and stick one of the enemy members, you will be guaranteed a multi-kill if the enemies are standing close to each other. Of all the grenades in MC4, the Sticky Grenade is the most deadly against groups of enemies and is the most versatile.

  • Highest damage of all grenades
  • Large effective radius
  • Cookable
  • Effective through walls
  • Can be stuck to enemies and on walls
  • Long detonation time

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Trivia Edit

  • Unlike in some shooters, this sticky variant can be cooked and has a much larger kill radius than the fragmentation grenade.
  • In Zero Hour, the Sticky Grenade shares its appearance and outward design to the EMP charge.
  • In Zero Hour, the "anti-tank" appellation may be a reference to the ST No. 74 sticky grenade of World War II, designed as a hand-held anti-tank grenade that failed it's intended purpose.
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