The Stun turret is a turret in Modern Combat 5: Blackout It is the Tier 2 secondary weapon for the Sapper Class.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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Stun Turret
MC5-Stun Turret
Rate of fireExtremely Low
RangeNo damage drop-off (lock-on range is approx 20-30m)
AccuracyVery High
EffectReduces rate of fire and movement speed of opponents for several seconds
Cost25 Units
MC5-Stun Turret-hud

The Stun turret can be be placed on any flat surface, including floors, walls, and even low-hanging ceilings. When an opponent is in range of a stun turret, it will deliver an electrical shock, dealing damage and reducing the opponent's movement speed and rate of fire for several seconds.

Due to Stun turret's the combination of low damage and very low rate of fire, it is rare that a Stun turret will kill an opponent unless they are already very low on health - nevertheless, its ability to reduce opponents' rate of fire and movement speed provides an invaluable tactical advantage if well-used.

Like the Micro-Turret, two Stun turrets can be deployed at once.

  • Slows enemies' movement speed and rate-of-fire
  • Small size makes it difficult to detect
  • Can be deployed on walls, floors, and ceilings
  • Low deployment cost
  • 2 turrets can be deployed at once
  • Can be repaired if deployed at ground or above when the player can reach and repair it
  • Combining it with Cores such as the Hair Trigger, High powered, Master-At-Arms and Scorcher can turn it into a deadly weapon
  • Very low range
  • Low damage
  • Very low rate of fire
  • Turret cannot be evolved
  • Cannot repaired if deployed on ceiling (the player can't reach it to repair it)


  • There is a rare glitch where if the enemy is looking on the floor and is standing still in the firing range of this turret, the turret will do a headshot to the enemy. Thus making it the only other turret or sapper secondary weapon, other than the Seeker Drone, to do headshots.

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