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> For the soldier class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout, see Support (soldier class).
> For the killstreak rewards, see Military Support.

Support is a specialization in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

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Support is a class built specifically for helping out your team.

"Didn't think it could get any darker, but it just did. On this forsaken continent, the sun only works part-time. At this point, we might as well be walking around with our eyes closed. Problem is, our air sweep is running late and we have no idea where the enemy is positioned. Luckily, there's this one guy in the unit; he's already set up scanners everywhere! Never been happier to see those red dots. I peeked in his backpack and he has a lot of very weird devices, the likes of which I've never seen. I have NO idea what they do, but seems they're always doing it right in the nick of time. I gotta say, this guy is definitely...

...ready for anything."

Smart soldier capable of using and countering dirty tactics. This is a good choice for players who think of the team before themselves. +75 XP and credits when accomplishing objectives (flag or zone captures, etc).
Rank 10 Selection Skills
MC4-Duty Calls Duty Calls: Increases zone capture speed as well as movement speed while carrying flags.
MC4-Improved Strikes Improved Strikes: Airstrikes called via military support also perform a radar scan like a Recon Aircraft.
Rank 20 Selection Skills
MC4-Grenade Belt Grenade Belt: Spawn with two grenades instead of just one.
MC4-Grenades Expert Grenades Expert: Increases the area of effect of all grenades.
Rank 30 Selection Skills
Sensor: Deploys a sensor that identifies enemies with a red dot on the radar. Can be destroyed.
MC4-Sentry Sentry: Delivers an EMP effect jamming all electronics and devices within effective range. Can be destroyed.
Rank 40 Selection Skills
MC4-Paragon Saboteur Paragon Saboteur: Shows enemy devices on radar and jams those that are near you.
MC4-One Last Thing One Last Thing: Drops a live grenade uponst getting killed.

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  • The website picture for the Support specialization shows a soldier holding an MC81, however, the weapon never makes an appearance in the game. (See picture at top of article for Zero Hour)

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