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The Suppressor Mk X is a Prestige muzzle attachment in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

Suppressor Mk X
MC5-Suppressor Mk X
IncreasesStealth, accuracy

The Suppressor Mk X is a unique silencer for Prestige assault rifles, light-machine guns, and sub-machine guns. Statistically, it offers a large increase in accuracy eliminates muzzle flash when firing. And, unlike standard silencers, does not result in a reduction to damage and range, giving it a significant advantage over other silencers.

The main drawback over standard suppressors it that it only provides radar invisibility to targets further than 15m from the player when firing, meaning that it will not provide a stealth advantage against enemies at close ranges.

  • High increase in accuracy
  • Eliminates muzzle flash and suppresses sound when firing
  • No reduction to damage and range
  • Only provides radar invisibility against targets further than 15m

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