Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This template creates a table with groups and lists. There are specific navboxes for almost every article subject (for example: {{Navbox/MC5 Weapons}}). A list can be found at the bottom of this page and at Category:Templates/navboxes.

You can create subgroups in navboxes with {{Navbox subgroup}}, as seen in {{Navbox/MC5 Missions}}.

Please note that these templates use JavaScript to be collapsible. Navboxes will collapse when they got over six groups. This can be cancelled by typing |collapsible=no behind {{Navbox.

| title  = The subject of the navbox

| group1 = Title of the first group
| list1  = Content of the first group

| group2 = Title of the second group
| list2  = Content of the second group
List of existing navboxes
Navbox/AdministrationNavbox/DLCNavbox/MC1 Campaign
Navbox/MC1 CharactersNavbox/MC1 MultiplayerNavbox/MC1 Weapons
Navbox/MC2 CharactersNavbox/MC2 MissionsNavbox/MC2 Multiplayer
Navbox/MC2 SkillsNavbox/MC2 WeaponsNavbox/MC3 Attachments
Navbox/MC3 CampaignNavbox/MC3 CharactersNavbox/MC3 Grenades
Navbox/MC3 MultiplayerNavbox/MC3 VehiclesNavbox/MC3 Weapons
Navbox/MC4 AttachmentsNavbox/MC4 CampaignNavbox/MC4 Grenades
Navbox/MC4 MultiplayerNavbox/MC4 SkillsNavbox/MC4 Vehicles
Navbox/MC4 WeaponsNavbox/MC5 AttachmentsNavbox/MC5 Campaign
Navbox/MC5 GrenadesNavbox/MC5 MechanicsNavbox/MC5 Missions
Navbox/MC5 MultiplayerNavbox/MC5 SkillsNavbox/MC5 Vehicles
Navbox/MC5 WeaponsNavbox/MCV AgentsNavbox/MCV Multiplayer


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