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Time-to-kill (abbreviated as TTK) refers to the time it takes for a weapon to kill an opponent. The general formula for time-to-kill (RPM ÷ 60)x(shots to kill an opponent -1). This measures the time from the moment you press the fire button to the moment your opponent is killed. Since the first shot is fired as soon as you press the fire button, it is necessary to include -1 in the formula to give an accurate estimate. Keep in mind that time-to-kill or ttk does not consider the accuracy, range or the number of shots you miss.

In Modern Combat, weapons have a stat called range. This refers to the distance where the shots-to-kill starts to increase. For example, the Bramson in Modern Combat 5 kills an opponent in 3 shots within its effective range, and the shots-to-kill increases steadily with range. The increase in shots-to-kill is the same for all weapons, only that the range of the weapon determines when the number of shots-to-kill starts to increase. For example, the KOG V and the Bramson both kill in 3 shots, however since the KOG has a longer range, the Bramson's shots-to-kill will increase before the KOG does.

Time-to-kill is mainly affected by two factors: RPM and damage. Higher RPM and/or damage will result in a faster TTK.

Weapons with fastest TTK in MC5:

2. PR39 0.125 seconds

3. The Enforcer 0.13 seconds

4. FS80 0.16 seconds

5. KR-15/Stacker (with max boosted damage and RPM, prestige feature) 0.2 seconds

6. KOG V/Bramson/WES/Firecracker 0.2222 seconds

It is worth noting that time-to-kill is generally used to measure the time taken to kill for automatic weapons, as one-shot weapons (snipers, shotguns, etc.) have an instant time-to-kill which makes them incomparable to full-auto weapons. Also, the formula to calculate time-to-kill will not work with one-shot weapons.

Time-to-kill is normally calculated assuming that all shots hit the target.

Considering effective ranges of weapons:

1. PR39 within its effective range

2. Outside of the PR's range, the Stacker (max boosted stats) has the fastest TTK

3. Outside of the Stacker's range, the KOG V has the fastest TTK

(since KOG has one of the highest ranges of automatic weapons, the list ends here.)

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