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General Tong
AppearancesModern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
AffiliationsKPR Alliance
North Korean Army
Killed byJames Walker

General Tong (Korean: ) was a rogue former North Korean general and one of the three leaders of the KPR Alliance.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Surgical StrikesEdit

> Main article: 11: Surgical Strikes.

When Walker and Anderson go up the elevator and try to get out, Walker sees Tong and he rushes to kill him but stops and gets punched by a KPR soldier, with Anderson also taken captive. The two listen to Tong's speech about America "playing chess" with the world, and how he hates it. Anderson quietly tells Walker to detonate the C4 they had placed before, and Tong tries to shoot them with a Vulture. Seconds before getting shot at, Walker detonates the C4, distracting Tong and the Korean guards. While the Koreans are surprised, Anderson shoots the right guard with his MC81 and Walker throws a Throwing knife and kills the other one. While Tong is saying "You imperialist bastard-" Walker fiercely kicks him out of the window, killing him.


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  • Tong is the only character in the Modern Combat series who wears glasses.
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