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> For the similar support in Zero Hour and Blackout, see Auto-Turret.

The Turret Deployment is a Military Support available in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation's multiplayer.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Turret Deployment
MC3-Turret Deployment
EffectDeploys an automated turret that shoots hostile players on sight
Kills required7
Cooldown1 minute
Limit3 per match
Range25 m

The Turret Deployment makes its debut in Modern Combat 3, requiring 7 kills without dying (6 with Field Specialist and 5 with Field Specialist Elite). When activated, the player instantly deploys an automated turret that targets and attacks enemy players. The turret is extremely difficult to engage head-on, as it does heavy damage after only a minor spool-up time, rather like the Turret in the Campaign. Thanks to the sheer power and accuracy of the weapon and its tracking system, the turret is capable of shutting down high-traffic areas of a map, effectively changing the flow of a game. Rather than attempting to engage a turret directly, it is advisable to attempt to flank the weapon, or if possible, use a Launcher to quickly destroy it.

Trivia Edit

  • There are no cameras or optics visible, so it is unknown how the turret is tracking enemies.

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