• I live in Rashidun Caliphate
  • My occupation is Burning Churches
  • I am Sigma Male
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Bashihbk01 aka bashihbk01

Hi there and welcome to the Modern Combat Wiki! I'm a trusted member on this wiki, so if you have any problems, please ask me. Also if you see a vandal or a spam, please report it to one of the admins, though I don't mind if you wanna report it to me :D

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On this wiki, like others, some users have ranks that grant them special rights. Here's a list of users who have ranks like these on this wiki:

User Rank Status
 Lumanaru Founder Semi-Active
 Claywick Bureaucrat Semi-Active
 Ysbert Bureaucrat Active
 DT Philosopher Admin Semi-Active
 Kevin3798 Admin Semi-Active
 Ijeremy5252 Admin Semi-Active
 LMZR Admin Semi-Active
 Punisher x Admin Inactive
 Thesmoovelife Admin Semi-Active
 EndZone45 Admin Active

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