Hello, my name is BilbooftheBaggins, and I like Modern Combat 5 because it is the latest version in the series.

Modern Combat 5 Stats[edit | edit source]

Surname: FreemanSquad (Game Center Surname)

Current Title: Aspiring Second Lieutenant

Current Squad: aldocb jgcvjsksi

Single-Player Status[edit | edit source]

Story Progress: 27%

Service Stars Gained: 42

Multiplayer Status[edit | edit source]

Favorite Gamemodes: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag

Kills (In Total): 1737

Deaths (In Total): 1220

Kill/Death Ratio: 1.4 increase

Matches Won (In Total): 118

Matches Lost (In Total): 38

Win/Lose Ratio: 3.1 increase

Grenade Kills: 22

Favorite Class: Assault

Accuracy of weapons: 18%

Flag Captures: 60

Matches Played: 156

Misc. Status[edit | edit source]

Total Time Played: 17h, 56min, & 10s

Level Progress (52): 9%

Favorite Weapon: Compakt-665 (Everyone's beginner weapon to start with)

Kills with favorite weapon (Compact-665): 416

Total Grenade Kills (In Total): 42

Headshots (In Total): 453

Unlocked Medals[edit | edit source]


Gun Bunny

Team Player


Waste no Bullets (Tricky, but rare luck if you do it with a pistol)

Trigger Ready

Last one Loses (Tricky, but rare one also)

Bullet Tank

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