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  • I live in San Francisco, CA
  • I was born on June 8
  • My occupation is Wiki Editor
  • I am Male
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Love the R780 to bits.

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The Black Mamba. As underrated as it is quirky.

Welcome to the (former) biggest fan of SHOTGUNNING in the entire Modern Combat community. Ex-Modern Combat veteran who enjoys MC1-MC4, dislikes MC5, and hates MCV.

I've moved on from the Modern Combat series as of December 2019, but I still pop into the wiki every now and then to see what's up and make any changes if need be.

Best moments in MC

  • Getting a bomber with the Black Mamba on Landfall without Military Tactician (MC4)
  • Getting 8 collaterals with the R780 in one game (MC4)
  • Quad feeds with the Intercept-L200 and the X6 .338 snipers, both on Alert (MC3 and MC4)
  • Nuke with OPS55 and Shred-4 (MC3)
  • Doing a 360 no scope across the map in Scramble with the BSW 77 (MC5)
  • Winning a free-for all with the R780 against noobtubers and Compakt tryhards EXCLUSIVELY (MC4)
  • 1000th kill with the R780 was a collateral (MC4)
  • Killing 5 campers with one nail grenade (MC5)
  • Killing the entire enemy team (5 players) with one Sticky grenade (MC4)

Quality of the MC games (in my opinion)

Gamer type

Wiki Editing

  • Tips and tricks for weapon articles
  • Descriptions for weapon articles
  • Seeking help from admins
  • Adding images
  • Fixing typos
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS

Playing MC

  • Using weapons that require skill effectively
  • Team player (sticks with my team)
  • Close, mid, and long range gunfights (with the appropriate weapon for each range)
  • Shotgunning
  • Sniping enemies at long range
  • Soundwhoring
  • Quickscoping/sniping enemies up close
  • Knowing when to sprint and when to walk
  • Grenade throwing (especially in MC3 and MC4)
  • Noobtubing

My purpose on this wiki

I am here to make this wiki a better place to visit. I do not follow the Modern Combat series anymore, but I pop in every now and then to see what needs changing and how the wiki is doing.

I prefer to be flexible, making text edits, templates, anti-vandalism, blogger, and a grammar cop all in one.

The admin role provides me with very useful moderation tools, although they are powers I hope to use only if needed to.


I try to contribute to all pages on the wiki!

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