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JeremyTwitterFinal This user was behind @modern_combat from February 2013 to July 2015
JobContent Adder, Community Manager, MC know-it-all
Favorite GameModern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Rank10th prestige level 50
KD Ratio2.00
Favorite PrimaryUFIA PSD-2 / X6 .338
Favorite SecondaryJolt-7 MP / Black Mamba
Favorite GrenadeThrowing knife / Smoke grenade
Favorite GamemodeBattle / Capture the Flag
Favorite MapLandfall / Blockbuster

Modern Combat veteran and extreme Gameloft fan. I have been playing Modern Combat since the beginning, and have been playing other Gameloft titles since even before that. Although I did not become involved with the Modern Combat community until late 2012, I have still contributed much to various MC sites in the almost two years since then. I view myself as the most knowledgeable person about the franchise. Seriously. I've just about memorized every MC4 developer's name.

My Modern Combat Résumé, if you will Edit

My Goal For This Wiki Edit

I hope to help keep this wiki the number one source for anything Modern Combat-related. I plan on working a lot to keep this wiki up to date on Modern Combat 5: Blackout, as we get information about the game.

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