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  • I live in In my house
  • I was born on February 29
  • My occupation is a draconian housekeeper who likes using Wikia
  • I am still unable to leave Wikia for some reason (seriously, it's been more than three years since my arrival)
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GL Live! ID Kevin3798
Birth 20th century
Gender Neutral
The wiki
Job Housekeeper
Edits 2,186
Gamer type
Killer 34%
Explorer 20%
Achiever 45.5%
Socializer 0.5%
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
Favorite mode Team Battle / Zone Control
Favorite map Alert
Favorite primary TZ4-Compakt
Favorite secondary Roar 3000 / Vulture
Favorite grenade Fragmentation grenade
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour
Favorite mode Zone Control / Warfare
Favorite map Overtime / Alert
Favorite primary SOCAR-S A1 / X6 .338
Favorite secondary Tygr X3 / OPS65
Favorite grenade ST 174 Sticky Bomb

My name is Kevin obviously. I am one of the few admins so ask me for any help!

I do not ban people for 100 years. That's cruel and unjust. My maximum ban time limit is 24 hours.

I own all Modern Combat games on the App Store. I try to complete all challenges. I'm 15th Prestige Rank 50. But please don't add me if I don't know you!

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MC4 Classes:


(Primary Weapon)

(Secondary Weapon)



(Military Support)



Tygr X3

Incendiary Grenade

Intervention/Team Player, Personal Jammer, Integrated Radar, Athleticism

Advanced Recon, Airstrike, Bomber

Front Line


CT-92 Crumplor

Tear Gas Bomb

Front Line/Privilege, C4 Explosive, Gun Expert, Paragon Juggernaut

Auto-Turret, Airstrike, Artillery



Kolbászky S-40 GL

Incendiary Grenade

Support/Duty Calls, Grenade Expert, Sensor, Paragon Saboteur

Advanced Recon, Ground Drone, Artillery


X6 .338


Throwing Knife

Stealth/Opportunism, Grenade Belt, Readied Shot, Active Camouflage

Auto-Turret, Hover Drone, Bomber



40mm Thor GLP

Sticky Bomb

Demolition/Dedication, Grenade Belt, Proximity Mine, Explosives Expert

Advanced Recon, Airstrike, Artillery

Stealth Rushing


Tygr X3

Throwing Knife

Stealth/Sneak, Grenade Belt, Tactical Mask, Active Camouflage

Auto-Turret, Airstrike, Bomber

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