aka Kimchi Boi

  • I live in Oahu, Hawaii
  • I was born on March 1
  • I am Male

Hello! My name is SteadyShotz and I started playing the Modern Combat franchise since MC3: Fallen Nation. I've then moved up to MC4: Zero Hour and MC5: Blackout. My Wiki name is actually my gamertag in MC5. Thank you for your time reading this and now you know a bit more about me.

Update: I'm inactive in this wiki. The only way I'll be interested into coming back is if MC3 or 4 gets an actual update. If you want to visit me, go to Polandball wiki , I'll be there under the name 'RSangHyun'. To the MC Wiki community, thanks for the journey.

Q & A:

Q: Do I play other games that isn't on tablet?

A: Yes I do, in Steam. I have Garry's Mod, HL2, Insurgency, Cuphead, Battle Beasts Simulator, and War Thunder.

Q: Have you played CoD?

A: Yes I have but only Black Ops and Black Ops 2. The only game modes I've played are Survival and Zombies.

Q: Do you play Minecraft?

A: Used to like the last time I played or touched Minecraft was years ago. I've stopped playing somewhere around 2013 (Minecraft 1.6) due to my favorite server getting shut down all of the sudden.

Q: What do I hate most in MC5?

A: New, useless, and unnecessary updates that change the game completely.

I absolutely love MC3: Fallen Nation. Very Competitive and Balanced. All the guns in the game are technically my favorite TBH.

MC3-ZN6-Prototype This user loves the ZN6-Prototype in MC3
MC3-Roar 3000 This user loves the Roar 3000 in MC3
MC3-Intercept-L200 This user loves the Intercept-L200 in MC3
MC3-TXR-Reaper This user loves the TXR-Reaper in MC3
MC5-Red-34 This user loves the Red-34 in MC5
MC5-Krube-37 This user loves the Krube-37 in MC5
MC5-Bosk 3 This user loves the Bosk 3 in MC5
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