Modern Combat 2 was the first Modern Combat I ever played. It grew my love for the Modern Combat series and i still play it today. Here are the reasons this game has aged so well.

1. weapons- All weapons had strengths and weaknesses except for the AK-47 Gold and the MN106 Camo. Those are the only weapons I think are OP, although i know many will disagree and say the AK Silenced and th MN silenced were also overpowered. 

2. progression system- i liked the idea of getting XP unlock weapons, but after playing MC5, im not sure that would work in future games, but MC2 handled it fine.

3. the simplicity- it was good not having to worry about perks. Personally, i never used any and got kil after kil after kill.

4. maps- they were all beautiful and great (i dont have the DLC ones though) and didnt have too many flaws.

5. campaign- it was good, but i liked MC3's better. I think it had the best ending, when you put a 'nade in Pablo's mouth after a battle in a helicopter where Pablo shot the pilot. The most important thing' in my opinion, was the friendship between Rollins and McCarthy that made it feel like a real war.

Overall, i think MC2 was a 8.5/10. The graphics could've been better and the animations too, but i still love it.

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