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Combat Tips - Modern Combat 5

By EndZone45
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Combat Tips for Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Better late than never.

  • I recommend playing on a higher sensitivity, as Recon players can strafe at running speed while shooting with one of the skills in the skill tree.
  • Avoid aiming down sights at close-range - it will decrease your sensitivity and your reaction time will be greatly slowed.
  • When a noob has broken out an LGR 35, always stay as far away from the user as possible.
  • Always go for headshots - a single headshot can end a gunfight very quickly.
  • When facing a team of campers, and when all in a building, cook a high-damage grenade, like the Nail grenade, and throw it inside. You will likely kill all of them if aimed correctly.
  • If trying to traverse longer distances, switch to your pistol - but switch back to your more powerful primary when you know you are near an enemy.
  • In Free-For-All, stay in high-traffic areas and try and shoot people passing through, like the center building in Streets. You might be killed faster, but you can rack up a considerable number of kills before dying if executed correctly.
  • When sneaking up on an enemy, you can either execute them with a single headshot, or simply knife them.
    • If you are sneaking on an enemy in a high-traffic area, don't knife them - just shoot 'em.
  • Use scout drones when playing on Rooftops - the scout drone can highlight enemies hidden in the fog that you may have not seen.
  • When playing Capture the Flag and the enemy is all guarding the flag, launch an Airstrike to eliminate most, if not all of them (with a good bombing spot) before grabbing their flag and returning it into the base.
  • A common tactic would be to watch common spawn points in Free-for-All, although this is a high-risk tactic which will not work all the time.
  • I recommend the CTS scope for sniping on smaller maps like Streets and Overtime. On maps like Canals or Vantage, the Standard Scope is great.
  • When playing with the Support class, you really do need to support your team to ensure success.
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