Modern Combat 5 Blackout Tactical Update
Honestly, I feel that decision should have been made much earlier. Modern Combat 5: Blackout was a game that I really never touched after returning back to Zero Hour after the update where the game became freemium. I always thought it was an inferior Modern Combat, and I really don't know why I shouldn't have deleted it earlier. The game's been going downhill with every single update. Now, the game is a shit-fest. It showed some promise in the beginning, but $$$$loft turned it into a shit-fest. It went from grind to win to pay to win very quickly in the form of the latest update, which obviously added some horrible grenade explosion sounds (barring the 8-bit explosion sounds in the latest update of Fallen Nation and the Concussion grenade explosion sound in Zero Hour), more IAPs, an extra pay2win class, and even less fun. This game is done. The servers are as empty as Chernobyl and thanks to more people returning to MC4 after the latest update, servers are as dense and as crowded as India in MC4.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout, I'm done. People that like it can go ahead and play it, but you'll never see me play that game anymore. It showed promise at the start, and Gameloft never delivered.

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