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Guide - Shotgunning

By EndZone45
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Some tips for using shotguns:

  • Always get as close as you can to your enemy.
  • If you are sneaking up behind a group of enemies, be sure to ensure that you kill the player at the back of the pack first, or you will be shot from the back and likely killed.
    • Always make sure you get a one-shot kill when you take down one enemy in a pack with semi-auto and pump-action shotguns. With full-auto shotguns, just hose 'em down and spray the ever-living f**k out of the pack. Make sure you have a large enough magazine.
  • Use Stun grenades in MC3 and MC4 to immobilise enemies and get close to them.
    • In Modern Combat 3, this is less important as you should have a longer-range primary weapon.
  • In Modern Combat 4, always be sure to equip a silenced secondary.
    • If you want the challenge and have great aim, the Black Mamba is a fantastic secondary, as it can eliminate enemies in one-shot in close range. An RPG is a good choice too, although this is frowned upon by most players.
  • Always have your crosshairs right on your enemy before you fire (with pump-action and semi-automatic shotguns). As shotguns have no suppressors, the time you fire is when your enemy should be dead, therefore not being able to turn around and counter-attack.
  • NEVER engage enemies at mid-long ranges. Every other weapon in the game can outgun a shotgun at such range.
    • Therefore, quickly take cover and try to find a flanking route.
  • Always stay mobile. Camping with a shotgun is ineffective and upon the first kill, you will be easily killed.
  • If you miss your first shot, don't panic. Sprint and line up your next shot. This does not apply for fully-auto shotguns.
  • Always stick to areas in the map geared for close-quarters combat to easily and effectively murder any enemy that tries to combat you.
  • Health-enhancing perks are always worthwhile, like Armor or Paragon Juggernaut.
  • If a teammate has wounded an enemy and the enemy is at mid-range, don't be afraid to try and kill the wounded assailant. If you don't, the enemy will regenerate health and will normally try to attack you.
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