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Hell yes!

Yet another nuke of mine playing some Team Battle on Recon. This nuke was achieved with my "Ol-Pumpy", the Defiler, which has grown to be one of my favourite weapons in the MC series. If I redid my Favourite Guns in MC history list, this weapon would be a lot higher. This nuke was completed in more or less 3 minutes.

Here's a nerve-bar for me (I guess you can call it that)

When you reach Satellite Scan - meh. Ok.

When you reach Airstrike - Hmm. not bad. Still not intense.

When you reach the Turret - Pretty good kill chain I got here. Fairly intense.

Helicopter Support - Intense.

Bomber - Intense as hell.

15-18 kills - Your heart is racing like nothing else.

19 kills - You start becoming hot and you can feel your heart on your chest.

20 kills - HELL YEAH!

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