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MC5 Update 11

By EndZone45
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The eleventh update for Modern Combat 5: Blackout went live on September 21, 2016, and alongside a new game mode and the typical bug fixes, there's more under the skin than what meets the eye.


New weapons

MC5-Vulcan Armor

Gameloft added a new armor for the Sapper class, called the Vulcan Armor, as well as new camouflage patterns for said armor. The armor's unique special ability is immunity to all killstreaks apart from the Airstrike.

Also available for the Sapper, is the brand new Shotgun Turret, which can be upgraded seven times, like other Tier 7 weapons. A new helmet was also released for the Sapper, called the Shibing Helm, which gives the player a slightly increased melee range (sigh), but gives a 10% Weapon Score penalty, which will negatively affect the rate you unlock attachments for your weapons.

New Game Mode

Rush plays like Call of Duty's Search and Destroy game mode, combined with Zone Control. There are two objectives, one of them is capturing the control point in the center of the map which will be able for capture after a certain time limit. Once the control point is open for capture, the point works like a normal Zone Control point. If the point is captured by one team, they win. The alternate objective is killing the entire enemy team, as there are no respawns in Rush, with the player having to wait until the round (not game) is over.

Better late than never, I guess.

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