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  • Lumanaru

    Off to Basic!

    July 22, 2014 by Lumanaru

    So, as you all know-I've been kind of a crappy admin, with the community picking up the slack. First, I wanted to apologize for that. Once I get back, I intend to pick up a new iPhone and laptop of my own, and dive right back into the thick of things. It should be exciting-lots of new content to play, and lots of new ways to edit here.

    And that leads me to my second point-I'm heading to Basic Training in a couple days! I'm pumped, and hopefully I'll have some stories to tell when I get back. If I can get online during the 13 weeks I'm there, I'll do what I usually do, stop by and lurk to make sure all is well.

    I can't wait to get back online and crush some heads with you all again. It's been far, far too long.


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  • Lumanaru

    The Death of iGamePros

    March 14, 2014 by Lumanaru

    I come bearing sad news today. iGamePros, a site I've been lurking and browsing and learning from since before there was a Modern Combat-all the way back to when I used to play Eliminate Pro in school and bitch about how the Menacer was RUINING EVERYTHING-has died. I first decided to make this wiki when I saw how poorly maintained the MC2 Wiki was, and that came from a discussion on iGP. In addition, some of their members have given me advice and helped out here, especially when it came to correcting my errors with regards to stats or missed info. It was never official in any way, but we do owe quite a bit to the late iGamePros as a wiki.

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  • Lumanaru

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2013 by Lumanaru

    Hello, members. Christmas is upon us once again. Though I rarely stop by (that will change, I promise you), I keep an eye out here, and I must say, you lot are making me proud. When I first had members start to join, I had only managed a few hundred articles, and little in the way of actually making the place look like a proper wiki. Now look at us. We're much bigger, we have a good-sized community of hard-working members, and I believe we can say that we are the only definitive source of info on the Modern Combat games.

    I'm proud to see how we've grown, and it's thanks to you. Give yourselves a pat on the back, and keep your chin up as we look towards the new year.

    Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. -Mark

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  • Lumanaru

    Lol, Vandals

    August 26, 2012 by Lumanaru

    As I've said before, vandalizing this wiki (or any wiki with a mildy attentive staff) is pointless. Once you try to blank a page or vandalize pretty much anything, I get a notification on my phone. If I see you, say, blank a page, with a few clicks, I ban you, rollback all your edits, and laugh. It takes 10 seconds.

    Thanks to those people who have been contributing, we continue to grow! Good on you all.


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  • Lumanaru

    We Need More People

    August 25, 2012 by Lumanaru

    So, it seems that, in addition to needing to write countless more pages, we need to build a community here. This Wiki is to benefit the whole of the Modern Combat community, after all. And to be frank, even in our tiny, unfinished state, we're better built than most Modern Combat wikis, thanks to my typing skills and Oscar's fine maintanence on the asthetics of the place.

    So, people, bring yer friends, spread the word! Out of my many online projects, this one is top priority. And a good community is crucial.

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