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By Meerkatt
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So Just today Gameloft decided to release a showreel of several games due for release in Q4 of 2016. (Found here: One of the relevant games shown is Modern Combat Versus. The game seems to have taken inspiration from COD BO3 this time around. What I've gathered from this quick preview is that a class system will be implemented (A velocity tactical assualt class member was shown off). Much like BO3, this game's theme looks to be set quite a bit in the future. Wall running also seems to be a thing. It looks like custom reticles might be making an addition.

It looks like MCV might be borrowing some MC5 animations and textures with the blood, physics and water. Also a lighter cell shading and ssao seems to be used.

Apart from that it looks very action packed, also welcoming to see the Montreal team back at it.

Pros: Lighting effects look nice.

Cons so far: The weapon shown, doesn't have much recoil while firing. Graphics look slightly muddy.

Glitches so far: There is a graphical bug which makes the weapon transparent during the reload animation, apart from that not much else is shown.

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