So I'm making this because I've played through the MC4 menu a bit, and I notice the names of the guns are usually Capitalized, and they dont have the manufacturer name in the game, so I don't want the hassle of re-naming all the pages if it isn't necessary.

Here's the thing, I'll use the VECT9 for example.

In the game, it's VECT9. On the website (not this one), it's Charbtek VECT9 (actually stylized as CHARBTEK VECT9).

I bring this up because I'm trying to name the images appropriately, and I can't do it easily without confusion, and also it might be easier for players who come to the wiki to look up the name as they see it in the game, instread of a redirect? I dunno, that's just my two cents, but I just wanted to bring this to attention because I don't want to rename the pages and make a mess of things.

UPDATE: I also want to bring up a quick thing, we have two pages that do the exact same thing, Pistols, and Handguns. Lumanaru created handguns when the wiki started, and it appears JayJayJohnson created Pistols. There's no reason to have one page with two names like this, so which do we delete.

Delete one or the other.

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