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    What can improve MCV?

    April 8, 2018 by RSangHyun

    It seems that MCV is getting a bit unpopular these days. And it's not too hard to notice. Heck, even some youtubers who helped give the MC series popularity stopped playing it (Bnates, SxC Joker, iChase, etc). This will be Part 1 on this sort of topic. I'll be splitting these by 2 or else 'tl;dr'.

    So here are my takes that could help MCV become more popular or "improve".

    Agent balancing

    This one is a bit too obvious. There is no doubt that SW1FT is currently the top choice to win every match. She's OP. No joke. Because of this, it get players very frustrated after losing 3 or 5 matches in a row (trust me, I've been there a LOT). SW1FT can either be nerfed or every other Agent is Buffed at the point where everyone is as good as SW1FT and there,…

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  • RSangHyun

    After the recent iOS update, MC3 and MC4 are unplayable and need to be updated by the devs. Surely this wouldn't be ignored, right? I don't care that the games are over 5 years old, there are still those who has a special place for these games.

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