It seems that MCV is getting a bit unpopular these days. And it's not too hard to notice. Heck, even some youtubers who helped give the MC series popularity stopped playing it (Bnates, SxC Joker, iChase, etc). This will be Part 1 on this sort of topic. I'll be splitting these by 2 or else 'tl;dr'.

So here are my takes that could help MCV become more popular or "improve".

Agent balancing

This one is a bit too obvious. There is no doubt that SW1FT is currently the top choice to win every match. She's OP. No joke. Because of this, it get players very frustrated after losing 3 or 5 matches in a row (trust me, I've been there a LOT). SW1FT can either be nerfed or every other Agent is Buffed at the point where everyone is as good as SW1FT and there, the game is balanced.

Get. Rid. Of. LAG.

Another obvious one. Lag. Connection or Server problems. Those times where during a match, everyone suddenly freezes in their place. You're confused but then you realized "Oh crud, not again." Then everyone moves 20 feet from where they froze and you get killed. The only way to counter-act this is by shooting at the frozen player's head so you could kill them when the game's lag ends. 

What I'm about to say is a HUGE problem that Gameloft must fix. Pronto. This happens to EVERYONE when the match starts. When you select your Agent, you hit 'Deploy' to enter the match. But what's wrong is that your stuck viewing the map in third person (this doesn't always happen, but it happens too often). You're stuck there helplessly watching your teamates getting outnumberd by the opposing team. MCV is HEAVILY based on teamwork to win matches. ESPECIALLY in Zone Control games. The only way to get back at the game is to exit MCV by pressing your iPhone or iPad's home button, restart it, and quickly open MCV. Then you reconnect and are able to get back to the match. The problem is fixed but the match is usually half over when the opposing team has controlled 20% or over of the Zone. In Zone Control matches, the chances of a 3 player team winning against a 4 player team is near to impossible.

These get everyone super frustrated who have to go through something that can be fixed by the devs.

Gameloft, FIX. THESE.

Players don't feel 'welcomed'

As I've heard, Creeper is now only purchasable with diamonds. Now, diamonds are a TON more difficult to obtain than coins. I've had Creeper since the beginning (when he could be bought with coins), so I don't know about this. I don't care how many people say how powerful Creeper is, this isn't fair. It also takes so long to unlock an agent. The fastest way to get coins is buying in-app purchases where bought crates give players 10x more coins than common and boosted crates where it takes 3 - 7 hours to unlock (or by watching some Ads where it cuts down the waiting time by 30 mins). You get common and boosted crates by winning matches. I've recently found out that watching ads give you more coins than coins from a crate. Ads give 15 coins while common crates give 11-13. What the heck is that logic. Now, I like how watching an ad gives 15 coins (keep it that way, GL). But getting less than 15 coins after waiting for 3 hours is a bit absurd. Gameloft, would you be kind enough to increase the amount of coins given to a player from a common crate after waiting for 3 hours? Thanks.

This is the reason why a lot of people think MCV is 'p2w'. I personally disagree since I've got the game when it came out on day 1, so I've got like almost every Agent (just missing Knox and Chapka by the time this blog is posted). I didn't had the need to pay with my money to get more coins, diamonds, or Korpens. I've only spent around a total of $18-$20 on in-app purchases in MCV. The last time I've bought from the game was a couple months ago. Also, never compare this to MC5. MC5 is the EPITOME of P2W.

These points are a major reasons why I think MCV is currently unpopular. Btw, I'm not including people's taste on whether they like or dislike a futuristic Modern Combat.

This is the end of Part 1 and will be continued in 2. Part 2 will be the minor points.

Those who are reading this, feel free to agree or disagree and comment. Other than that, bye for now.

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