• Thesmoovelife

    MCV details

    April 8, 2017 by Thesmoovelife

    Gameloft revealed a ton of MCV details recently. Some of the main points:

    • Brand new graphics engine
    • No campaign
    • Freemium
    • Automatic shooting (traditional shoot button to be added later)
    • ADS button replaced by double tapping the screen
    • Play one of 12 "Agents" in different categories: Attacker, Defender, Assassin, Specialist
    • Wall running on a few maps
    • Focus on "eSports"
    • Future controller support
    • Player cannot pick from a variety of weapons, each Agent only has one
    • Knifing and aiming down sights is limited to just some of the Agents

    There will be a soft launch "soon", but it will be limited- 5 maps and one game mode, a 4v4 Zone Control.

    The new graphics look awesome, as do the maps, but I'm not excited…

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  • Thesmoovelife

    Quite some time ago I figured out how to get Modern Combat 2 to work on my Galaxy S4, which is normally incompatible. Eventually I got it to work, but there were still some minor problems, including that all controls only displayed as pink lines. At some point I figured out that this had the potential for some pretty fantastic screenshots. But, how to get rid of the player's arm and weapon?

    I learned from someone that this could be achieved by switching weapons. During this process there is a split second of time where no part of the gun or player is shown. This would normally require a very well-timed screenshot, but I had other ideas. A simple screen recorder would suffice- all that needed to be done is pick out the frame without any part…

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  • Thesmoovelife

    MC5 on PC

    September 3, 2015 by Thesmoovelife

    So recently I've been pretty inactive because I just moved away from home to go to college. I'm now just about settled in and am finding that I finally have some free time. Now that I am at college and away from home I am suddenly concerned about every penny I spend, so I was going to put Battlefield Play4Free on my laptop. It's been shut down, apparently, so I decided to try out MC5 instead. Here's my observations:

    • It works with a keyboard and mouse. HOWEVER- they do not tell you what the keyboard commands are. Some are obvious- WASD to move, R to reload, etc- but others require some figuring out yourself. Others don't even have keys mapped to them- far as I can tell, the only way to pause is to switch to another program and switch back. I…
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  • Thesmoovelife

    Hello everybody,

    I've been fairly interested in Android screen recording for quite a while. Some time ago I finally discovered the optimum recording method, and have done a lot of recording since. A couple months ago I started recording the campaign for Modern Combat 3, and now that I'm finally seeing my schedule open up, I'm currently in the process of finishing those recordings and posting them here.

    I've noticed a few things on this wiki.

    • A lot of the recordings here could use some improvement- low framerate, low resolution, and other issues. Don't take that the wrong way- in no way am I trying to discredit anyone's work (especially for recordings done a few years ago, when quality recordings may not have been possible anyway).
    • Lack of reco…
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  • Thesmoovelife

    A sad day has arrived- Modern Combat 2 is no longer available in the Play Store.

    I believe that it is still possible to download the game through Gameloft's website. If you have purchased it on Google Play, you can still access it here:

    I emailed Gameloft and their response is below. I guess they decided it was time to move on.

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