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By Thesmoovelife
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Gameloft revealed a ton of MCV details recently. Some of the main points:

  • Brand new graphics engine
  • No campaign
  • Freemium
  • Automatic shooting (traditional shoot button to be added later)
  • ADS button replaced by double tapping the screen
  • Play one of 12 "Agents" in different categories: Attacker, Defender, Assassin, Specialist
  • Wall running on a few maps
  • Focus on "eSports"
  • Future controller support
  • Player cannot pick from a variety of weapons, each Agent only has one
  • Knifing and aiming down sights is limited to just some of the Agents

There will be a soft launch "soon", but it will be limited- 5 maps and one game mode, a 4v4 Zone Control.

The new graphics look awesome, as do the maps, but I'm not excited about the lack of a campaign and the changes to controls (though I'm glad they chose to not kill the shoot button entirely). Since it's free it's worth checking out, but I don't think I'll play it much.

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