On of my friends told me the MC5 servers were empty. I was like wtf? I showed him a server and there was like 10 people. He said it was probab,y luck. I made another match and got 8 people. He said I got some sort of luck and says his highest amount was 6. I told him to go on a match. He got 9 people, so I don't see any problem. Lol. 

For the people saying Bounty Hunter is OP. You rarely see them. I have only seen a Bounty Hunter 4 times since the Holiday Update. I killed one and managed to get my hands on a SLS. Total OPness, weird crosshairs, but a auto-assist aim?! I was rekting everything. I got like 11 kills straight before a rocket came stumbling upon me. Really, they got to nerf it. Wait...that is just the first tier. So what the heck will the railgun be like?

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