This'll be a short post: there are no active admins on the Modern Combat Wiki.

For years I spent hours a day to build up this website, along with many other admins. The latest active admins were Endzone and Thesmoovelife, but those guys also have other things on their mind, just like me.

I am currently in my second year of uni, found a nice girl, made new friends, passed a ninjutsu exam, learned an awful lot of stuff, and everything is going perfect. However I don't have much time left for Wikia, which is why it has been more than a year ago that I've been active here.

I just want to thank everyone who is active right now. It feels good to visit this site, and see a RecentChanges full of people who keep writing, filling in infoboxes, and discussing in the comments. I hope you all feel welcome here at MCW.

People who love this wiki as much as I do and feel like taking over the management can leave me a message. Thanks in advance!


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