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The VOID 6 is a shotgun added to Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the Spring Update.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Romket‑178   BMF‑12   SMASS‑410   DS‑1310   Sering 9   VOID 6   DBS 4   LSN‑25B   Buckshot    
Likely based onUTAS UTS-15
Rate of fireModerate - Very High
Magazine size12-14-16
Max. ammo9 Mag
Fire modeAutomatic

The Void 6 is a Tier 6 fully automatic shotgun unlocked for the Heavy class. It fires much more accurately than the Sering 9, but suffers from high recoil and a low default fire rate, as well as less range.

However, the weapon features a special mechanic - in which tapping the fire button immediately after a slug is fired forces the weapon to shoot and reload almost instantaneously. If a player taps the fire button rapidly, the weapon's rate of fire increases dramatically, which can be lethal in close-range engagements, albeit much harder to aim accurately.

Overall, VOID 6 is fairly uncommon in multiplayer, with other shotguns being preferred for their less difficult performance. In the hands of a player capable of handling the VOID 6, however, it can be a lethal option.

Trivia Edit

  • Some players prefer using a MFi controller with the VOID 6 to enable them to fire rapidly without losing aim.
  • High damage at close range (two shots per kill)
  • Faster default fire rate compared to the SMASS-410, BMF-12 and Romket-178
  • Special mechanic which dramatically increases rate of fire
  • Fast reload compared pump-action shotguns
  • Large magazine capacity
  • Lower default rate of fire than the Sering 9 and DBS 4
  • Low range
  • Large number of blueprints required to unlock (15 blueprints)

Trivia Edit

  • When reloading, the VOID 6 makes the same sound as the Sering 9.
  • Despite the weapon description stating that the weapon uses slug rounds, in-game the weapon still features shot spread.

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