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The Viny Pro (Italian Light Machine Pistol, Vini Pro on the website) is a handgun that appears in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

Schoc 33   Black Mamba   Viny Pro    
Viny Pro
MC4-Viny Pro
Likely based onUzi-Pro
UsersPhantom Unit
DamageVini Pro Damage

40-20 (ADS)

30-20 (Hipfire)
Rate of fireVini Pro Rate of Fire 560 RPM
RangeVini Pro Range
AccuracyVini Pro Accuracy Very Low (Hipfire) Medium (ADS)
HandlingVini Pro Handling
MobilityVini Pro Mobility
Magazine size20
32 (Extended magazine)
Starting ammo20/100
Reloading1.1 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
CostMC4 Cost 40,000 (iOS)
MC4 Cost 44,000 (Android)
The Viny Pro is a versatile machine pistol designed by the notorious Italian general Vinnie Coupale. Even with its light weight, it remains capable of delivering impressive firepower.
—MC4 official website description

Campaign Edit

Appears in Used by
Terminus Phantom Unit

The Viny Pro is extremely rare in the campaign, only seen on the mission Terminus with no attachments. It is the player's sidearm.

Multiplayer Edit

Available for purchase in the armory at 40,000 gold credits, the Viny Pro is a mid-damage, fully-automatic weapon that is more akin to a machine pistol than a handgun. As expected from a handgun, the Viny Pro dishes out decent damage up close, but is weak at longer ranges. Being a handgun, the Viny Pro also benefits from very high mobility and a fast reload. Up close, the damage while ADS will ensure that your enemy will be downed in three shots if they are not running Paragon Juggernaut or Nanofiber Vest. However, when hip firing, the close range damage is taken down to 30, meaning that it will turn into a 4-shot kill. However, the Viny Pro does have rather high minimum damage, higher than any of the SMGs. This means that the Viny Pro is quite effective out to mid-range,

The Viny Pro, being fully-automatic, has a high rate of fire, of 560 RPM. This is not as high as the SMGs, but it will still ensure that enemies will be dead quickly within effective range.

However, the Viny Pro does suffer from a few downsides. One of which, is that the magazine size is very small, at just 20 rounds. This may be the highest among pistols, but the high rate of fire will mean that the Viny Pro chews through its clip quickly. Extended mags can levitate this somewhat.

Despite these issues, the Viny Pro is still arguably the most versatile and easy to use of the three handguns. Its 20-round clip can be expended quickly, but its fast rate of fire, moderate damage, and high mobility and handling characteristics make it a worthy buy.

  • Second highest mobility
  • Deadly with JHP rounds and ADS
  • Relatively clean iron sights
  • High rate of fire
  • Fast reload animation
  • Large hipfire cone of fire bloom
  • Small 20-round magazine
  • High recoil

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Trivia Edit

  • The weapon was originally supposed to have a 25 round magazine, but was toned down to 20 before release.[1]
  • The bullets in the magazine are in 2D. (See picture of reloading above)
  • This weapon is the successor to the MAC11 from Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

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  • In the multiplayer dev diary, 1 minutes and 23 seconds into the video, one may note that the Viny Pro is classified as an assault rifle.


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