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The Vosk 4 is a submachine gun in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in the 2015 Winter Update.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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Vosk 4
MC5-Vosk 4
TypeSubmachine Gun
Rate of fireAbove average
AccuracyMedium - high
Magazine size40-43-46
Starting ammo40/560
Reloading2.1 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
ClassBounty Hunter
MC5-Vosk 4-hud

The Vosk 4 is the Tier 5 weapon of the Bounty Hunter class. It has a solid of fire of around 450 rounds per minute, but notably has very low recoil, ranging engagements much easier than with many other submachine guns such as the Jolt-7 MP or Bosk 3. Likewise, the large magazine of the Vosk can often steer a player out of unfavourable situations.

The Vosk 4 can potentially has a much faster time-to-kill than many lower-tier SMGs. However like any SMG, its performance still decreases noticeably with distance, requiring 1-2 extra shots shots to kill an enemies at longer ranges. While the weapon's recoil is low, it nevertheless produces a strong "kick" while firing, and as such may have difficulty maintaining a bead on strafing targets.

Overall the Vosk 4 is a solid performer, and a good weapon choice for adopting a close-quarters 'running and gunning' playstyle like that of the Recon class.

  • Solid rate of fire
  • Very high accuracy for an SMG and can equip a grip
  • Low recoil
  • Large magazine size
  • High mobility
  • High damage drop-off at longer ranges
  • Strong kick when firing, making it difficult to stay accurate on moving targets
  • Fairly slow reload for a SMG


  • The Vosk 4 used to have much poorer damage and range, but was considered underpowered and received a stats upgrade in an update by Gameloft.
  • The weapon has a similar name to the Bosk 3 which implies they are intended to be related to one another, but this is unconfirmed.


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