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Warehouse is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and was added to Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation in the Team Manhunt Update.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus Edit

MC2 Warehouse Cinematic-1
LocationEastern Europe
TerrainOld warehouse, snowy
ArchetypeMedium and long range
MissionTracking the Supplier Pt. 2

Warehouse is a large map sourced near the beginning of Tracking the Supplier Pt. 2. It features multiple indoor areas all connected to a large open area outside.

The large outdoor area is often used by snipers, along with a medium sized but completely open room indoors. Most of the rest of the indoor areas include various machinery or storage racks that are better suited to mid range combat, though there are some decent long lines of sight in various places. The center of the map has several entrances and is a common converging point where enemy players are frequently encountered. This requires care to traverse because enemy fire could come from a number of directions.

Warehouse works well with any game mode, and is well suited to accommodate large numbers of players.


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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Alert   Backup   Countdown   Divide   Rapture   Recon   Scramble   Warehouse    
LocationSiberia, Russia
SizeMedium - large
MissionChaos Factory
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Warehouse is a medium-sized map with many small rooms, making shotguns one of the best weapon types in the map. The map does indeed share some resemblance to the map from Modern Combat 2, however new rooms and new equipment have been added, and the rooms filled with the generators and the outdoor snow area is much smaller than in Modern Combat 2.

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