Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

Each weapon in Modern Combat 5: Blackout has its own statistical profile broken down into several categories.



Below is an outline of the statistical categories which each weapon's specs are broken down by:

  • Armor penetration - Armor penetration negates the bullet or explosive protection provided by an enemies suit of armor.
  • Damage - Refers to the basic damage output of the weapon - calculated in terms of damage per second (DPS).
  • Accuracy - Refers to the basic weapon accuracy. Weapons with higher accuracy have a smaller crosshair (meaning less bullet spread) and typically have lighter recoil, making them easier to aim and insuring that shots are less likely to miss their mark.
  • Range - Refers to the degree at which a weapon's damage drops off at longer ranges. Weapons with a higher range statistic experience a less significant reduction in damage when engaging targets at longer ranges.
  • Rate of Fire - Refers to the weapon's rate of fire - calculated in terms of rounds-per-minute (RPM).
  • Clip size - Refers to the number of rounds per magazine of the weapon. A larger clip size means that the weapon will be able to fire more rounds before having to reload.
  • Mobility - Refers to the player's movement speed when equipped with the weapon. Higher mobility means that a player's movement and sprint speed will be faster with the weapon equipped.

Weapons can also be upgraded to higher "Mks" with each upgrade improving a specific statistic (with the exception of Prestige weapons which don't need to be upgraded).


The Kommander class' shields have 4 unique statistical fields:

  • Explosives armor - The amount of explosive damage resistance the shield has
  • Durability - The shield's damage resistence
  • Repair Speed - The speed at which the shield repairs
  • Maneuverability - The player's mobility with the shield deployed


  • It should be worth noting that in some cases, the listed weapon statistics in-game may be outdated or incorrect and in many cases do not reflect the weapon's actual performance.
  • As of Update XX, the in-game weapon statistics received an overhaul and were replaced with hard numbers.

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